To the people who buy our house

The first time we hiked up the hill where the driveway now sits, was simply to explore.  At the time I was massively pregnant with my first. My in-laws were buying the farm across the road, and when we discovered a mostly flat, grassy area with only small cedars to clear, I knew. I immediately... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon

The majority of our time is being spent in the RV now, as we get moved in and accustomed to the space. I never expected to feel so fulfilled by so little. As I write,  rain is falling on the roof, and the cool weather is giving the first hint of fall. My baby boy... Continue Reading →

But are you happy?

We live our lives chasing status. Chasing promotion, big name careers, another figure to add to the income, giant houses, expensive cars...We chase those things because we want to achieve the best possible status for ourselves. Once it's achieved, however, do we wind up happy? Fulfilled? Most of the time, no. How many people win... Continue Reading →

The dream

"What in God's name possessed you to do this?" Well, bear with me while I explain. Earlier this year, my husband was diagnosed with a co-infection of Lyme's disease known as Babesia. It was finaly caught after several years of slow decline, which he had attributed to intense physical labor. Eventually, we both knew something was... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Change. It is utterly terrifying. We love to read about it, or watch movies where the characters dive headfirst into a new challenge, but when it comes to the average Joe (or Jane)...NO WAY. Sure, quitting your job and sailing off into the sunset sounds great, but what about all the unknowns? Humans like security.... Continue Reading →

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