The Journey Begins

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Change. It is utterly terrifying.

We love to read about it, or watch movies where the characters dive headfirst into a new challenge, but when it comes to the average Joe (or Jane)…NO WAY. Sure, quitting your job and sailing off into the sunset sounds great, but what about all the unknowns? Humans like security. We like routine. I am trying to break that habit. Fear and uncertainty used to get in the way of new or exciting possibilities. I would start to dream, but never follow through. It was either too much work, or I decided it wasn’t worth the heartbreak if it didn’t work out. Now, here I am about to charge head-first out of my comfort zone at 90 mph, without a helmet on. While I’m at it, I want you along for the ride. I’ve decided to share my crazy, chaotic, not-always-picture-perfect life with the internet world in hopes that others can relate, and find comfort in knowing that life goes far deeper than the picture painted for us on social media. I want to let you in on real life, and I want to do so as my family and I prepare to embark on a radical new journey together.

This decision doesn’t make sense to many, it seems crazy to most, but my god is it revitalizing. My husband and I found ourselves stuck in the mundane, drowning in the “American Dream” so to speak. I told myself that when the time was right, we would explore. When the time was right, we would dream. Someday, when the kids were bigger, we would travel. Between jobs, in the future, post-retirement, in ten years…any time but right now. “Right now” didn’t make a lick of sense. We have two small children. My husband has a well paying job, we have a mortgage, responsibilities…in hindsight, I was also drowning in excuses. I would lay in bed at night and dread the start of another day, just like the one before it. This can’t be it. This CANNOT be all there is to this life. God gave us this big beautiful world, and here we are… sitting in one place. Here we are, barely able to pay for the things that we work so hard to have, but then rarely get to enjoy because we work so hard.

Then, thanks to the nudge (or rather, a well directed shove) from a very dear friend, we dared to dream a little. I think we outdid ourselves. A little turned into an overflowing, heaping portion. When we allow ourselves to dream, we go big. So, here we are, about to sell our home and move into a 300 square foot tin box on wheels. Because, well, why the hell not?! Tomorrow may never come for us. If we wait, it may never happen. So, forget postponing. We are going to make some kick-ass memories. RIGHT. NOW. With our kiddos (10 months and 4.5 years) in tow. I invite you to follow this crazy, amazing, journey as it unfolds. I also hope I can challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, roll with the punches, and take a flying leap toward your happiness- whatever and wherever it may be. Follow along, and hang on tight! It’s definitely going to be a bumpy ride.

Bring it on.

You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time -Jim Rohn


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