To the people who buy our house


The first time we hiked up the hill where the driveway now sits, was simply to explore.  At the time I was massively pregnant with my first. My in-laws were buying the farm across the road, and when we discovered a mostly flat, grassy area with only small cedars to clear, I knew. I immediately knew it was where we would build. It was everything we thought we had ever wanted. We were SO excited. We visited the lot almost daily while it was under construction. We took pictures of every progression. We dreamed of our futures, we thought we would never leave.

My parents sold my childhood home and moved in with us. The crazy tile? Imported from Mexico. The entire basement level was all designed by my mom, 27 closets included. We made fun of her for the quirky little space, but it matches her perfectly. The hardest time I have had with this process was taking away their home. They LOVED their basement. I hope you love it too…Mexican restaurant looking kitchen and all.

Those scuffs and dings? Those were three years worth of pets, kids, and my inability to settle- leading to constantly shuffling furniture.

The holes in the wall? Those were from pictures hung… of babies growing too fast, loved ones who passed away, and memories cherished.

The yard that really should be in far better shape? That is from a hardworking daddy who gave his entire soul to his job and his family, but then had nothing left to give. It was an exhausted mother who was trying to care for her two small kids and manage a home too big for her, while trying to be of support to her mom and dad who lived downstairs, work part time, and have something left when the day was done.

That big deck in need of a washing and staining? It was the scene of cookouts, sunbathing sessions during naptime, summers splashing in kiddie pools, kissed boo-boos and a space to air disagreements away from little ears. We planned to stain it, but never got around to it. Something else always took priority. But that big beautiful deck was my favorite part of the house. It’s where I sat in the sunshine drinking my morning coffee when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. It’s where I went to cry, laugh, pray,  talk to friends, and soak in that gorgeous view. I hope you love it as much as I did.

That little magnolia tree by the front gate was given to me this past mother’s day, just before we decided it was time to leave. I hope it makes you smile in the spring.

That weird shack in the back yard? That was going to be our duck coop. It was made on a whim one afternoon by my husband when I said I really, really wanted ducks. We never got to putting ducklings in it, but it held chickens given to us by our friends who moved away.

The big sycamore tree in the side yard, over the shed? Under that tree is where we buried both mine and my husband’s childhood pups, as well as our orange kitty.

I hope you know that we loved and lived within those walls. We didn’t have a perfect life there, but it holds so many memories. Sickness and stress and exhaustion made it too much for us to handle and afford, so we decided to start over. We bought an RV, and are planning to travel the country with our kiddos. Please know that this is far more than a transaction to us. It is giving my insanely hardworking husband permission to rest and recover. It means a chance for us to live our lives to the fullest. It means finally spending more time together, and making memories that will last a lifetime. It means freedom. So now, it’s all yours. Make it your own. Re-do, uproot, tear down, paint, polish…whatever makes it home to you. I hope it brings you many years of happiness.

And Thank you, so, so much.


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