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First off, I want to apologize for leaving everyone hanging. I fell off the blogging wagon pretty hard just after the sale of our house. Posts were started, but never finished… I was in a really weird place. Miserably impatient for the future, but also terrified of the impending leap. It’s always easier for me to just rip off the bandaid. Waiting/ planning for things gives me anxiety. I would rather just charge forward. But, in retrospect, waiting was a good thing. I needed time to process…to allow for my brain to catch up with my environment.

Quick update: The house sold only 5 days after being put on the market. Chris left his job of 11 years just afterward, and started coaching wrestling. I got a job, and life felt pretty disorganized in general. Never in a negative sense, just…weird. But, here we are. We’ve made it to the end of a very long stint, camped out LITERALLY right below the old house (sorry dude, I know that has to be weird for you…promise we ARE leaving…). March 4th, we hit the road. We leave in ELEVEN DAYS. So though it is freezing cold and snowing like hell outside, I am currently preparing for white sand and sunshine. We are ALMOST there. I promise I will do my best to stay on the blog-wagon this time. Instagram spam soon to come!

The current plan? We will be spending the summer in Montana, as Chris landed a pretty awesome gig that runs mid April- Mid September. I am constantly reminded how everything works out in the end if we just stop clinging so tightly to control. We’ll start off bouncing down the coast, hanging out somewhere on the gulf for a while, and then making our way to Montana, with time to take in the sights along the way. We will spend the summer exploring the vast expanse that Montana has to offer, and then once our gig is up for the summer, we will meander around (maybe through the Pacific Northwest/Cali) before eventually wandering our way back to Virginia (Wrestling season starts in November).

So what are my take-aways from all of this forced patience? Good things ARE worth waiting for. I did NOT want to spend a bunch of time sitting, waiting for the time to pass before we could leave. I am a notoriously impatient human, so when I want to do something, I want to do it NOW. This has been an amazing lesson in planning, patience, and trust. Trusting that we WILL figure it out, we WILL stick to our goals, and we WILL be okay, even if we don’t just run away in the middle of the night on a whim (luckily I can’t drive the RV…yet). It has taught me that when you attach yourself to a plan that you are MEANT to have, you will not be allowed to waver. We also never know exactly how that plan will end up looking. This is why you will constantly see me referring to our plans as “current”. They are ever evolving, ever changing, and I am constantly being reminded to actively trust. Trust that it will all work out, exactly how it is supposed to…(but here’s the caveat) as long as you put the work in. We can’t just lay there and expect mountains to move without any effort. It takes WORK. Sometimes, the “work” tests our weaknesses. Sometimes it requires patience.

But, WE MADE IT. The countdown is on, guys! It’s almost time. Eleven days and counting. ❤

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