For the last week, we have been working our way through Texas. We stopped for a rest in Big Bend National Park, where we will be until Friday, when we push west toward New Mexico. The past week has gone FAR better than the first…everyone is healthy, and we’ve put some serious miles behind us, and are getting a break from the road: taking in the beauty that Big Bend has to offer. You guys, this place is incredible. Located right on the Texas/Mexico border, the desert meets the Rio Grande, and mountains rise suddenly out of nothingness. So far, we have done a good bit of hiking, scenic drives, visited an old mining ghost town, and soaked in hot springs sitting RIGHT on the Rio Grande. Here, one of us (spoiler alert, it was my husband) may or may not have swam the short distance across to the banks of Mexico, and then re-entered. Don’t tell. While he was busy immigrating, I stayed back with the kids.


Anyhow, I think it’s safe to say we are having the time of our lives. But, it’s also real life- so we have our challenges, every day. The baby gets cranky (I think he’s popping his 2 year molars a tad early), and Nathan, is…well…Nathan. My brave little bundle of energy, who would just rather not have “boring people” telling him what to do. I have actually spent a lot of time worrying that the seemingly constant nagging/yelling at him was going to be all *he* remembered. Then, several days back, he noticed I was writing and said he “wanted to tell everybody about the trip TOO!” 

So, for anyone who wants to see our trip through my 5 year old’s eyes, completely unscripted, unchanged…Nathan Says:

“We’re seeing whatever is awesome, some things might not be awesome to you, but they are awesome to me! We started off in Virginia and then we went to Florida. We even went to the beach there! Even though the water was cold, it was great. After that we got to a campground in Texas. And then after that we came to the next part of Texas. And now we’re gonna stay here for the rest of the week. We have stickers on the back of the RV telling where we’ve been! Our trip so far has been awesome! I used to not be good at playing ball but now I’m great. I can dribble too. My most favorite thing is this campground, there’s nonstop of excitement. There’s a big lake that we’re close to, it’s just so cool, it’s unlimited fun. My baby brother fusses a lot but I still love him! My daddy does a lot to make sure we are ok and feeling good, and my mommy knows what’s right for him, like when he was sick. My mommy and daddy do a bunch of silly things, and I love them. I have a bunch of cool toys, and we’ve seen so much cool stuff! I can’t wait to go to the next place and see the next cool things. We’ve had a great time traveling! Our RV has a bunch of cool stuff like an outside TV, and it’s great! We like having campfires, and roasting marshmallows! We like to laugh and have fun too…and last but not least we have a bunch of cool clothes. We would like you to get an RV too…they are so fun, and traveling in them is soooo fun! You can get a trailer kind too… Traveling is the bestest. Oh and I want to do a Pokemon class (he wants to do a class on YouTube teaching all about Pokemon. Send help.), so if you see it please answer back. And last I have 2 dogs, they are very nice ones… So, me talking is over now. Bye-bye.”

My goofy kid is having SO. Much. Fun.

I have to correct him often… and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I lose my cool…

But what is he taking in? The experiences. Today, he got to soak in the hotsprings overlooking the Rio Grande. He watched “Daddy swim to Mexico”, got to wade into the river, and he noted how cool it was that he’s gotten to touch that, AND the mighty Mississippi.  He’s seen the mountains turn to swamp, then to desert, then back to Mountains again, all from his window as we drive.

He may be a ball of wild energy, but he lives in the moment, and slowly but surely, this is teaching me to do the same. 


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